Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sprained sacral ligament

The other day I refilled the four 5 gallon water bottles and as I was lifting them out of the car, I suddenly felt a quick, sharp pain near my left hip. I jerked up and shrugged it off. After some stretches, I felt OK and was able to bike and swim normally yesterday. Then, I got home to do some laundry and bent over to pick something up and a sharp pain shot in the same region, causing me to gasp. It hurt badly! On a scale of 1 to 10, it felt like a 7.

I looked online to see if it could be sciatica, but it appeared more like piriformis syndrome, with pain increasing and impairing my walk. By morning, I had slept little and could barely bend down to pet my dogs or put on my clothes. I realized that lower back / hip pain can be incapacitating and I was finally able to genuinely empathize with all the hip pain Russ has had to endure for 8+ years! Walking in someone else's shoes provides an enhanced experience that allows us to feel more compassion for others. Instead of dreading the immediate pain, I actually embraced it knowing that it's only temporary and that it provided a valuable lesson.

I contacted Shelley, my PT, and she was able to fit me in at 10am. After manipulating my sacrum and pelvis, she said that it was just a sprained sacral ligament and that it would heal relatively quickly. Specifically, I will continue with stretches, the tens electronic machine, ice and ibuprofen. Next time, I'll lift those water bottles with knees bent and shoulders squared with correct form.

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