Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinner with the Downie's

Rory Downie, Scottish pro triathlete, visited Saipan in March for the Sportsfest, competing in both the XTERRA Championships and the Tagaman Triathlon. He home-stayed with friends so we got to spend some time with the 23 yr old athlete.  He also raced in the Guam and Australia XTERRAs as well.

Earlier in the week, we contacted Rory, who hails from Edinburgh and he invited us to a lovely dinner at his parents' home, within a short walking distance from our hotel.  His father, Gavin, is also an Ironman who competes in those grueling 140 mile triathlons annually. Gavin cooked a delicious dinner that evening. Jo, Rory's mom, was very sweet and very hospitable. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take her photo. Thank you, Gavin & Jo, for a wonderful evening!
The homemade cheesecake with Scottish ice cream and fresh berries was better than it looked!
We met Molly, their 7 yr old. chocolate lab who was interested in any leftovers.
Gavin drove us to one of Edinburgh's iconic sites, Arthur's Seat, the hill perched a mile from the castle.
From the hills, we can clearly view the majestic castle, which is really breathtaking. 
Rory said that Saipan was one of the best XTERRA races he's experienced, not only for the challenging course, but more importantly, for the community of friendly residents who warmly welcome our visitors with smiles and fun. We look forward to seeing you again next spring.  Wishing you the very best in your races this season and happy 24th birthday, tomorrow!

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