Friday, May 3, 2013

Eating and Drinking our way through Brussels

Each meal was pre-planned, especially in Brussels where the Goodwin's had visited three years prior. Tim had it mapped out: first to Capadocia's for their famous kebabs, then to the Jordan marketplace for Maison Antoinne's famous frites (fries) and a nearby pizza place for truffles pizza, a stop near the Manneken Pis (little boy pissing statuette) for Belgium waffles, Chez Lyon for fresh mussels and finally Dilirium to sample some of their 2000 varieties of beer.

Yes, we indulged ourselves and ate and drank all day! Was it good...absolutely! I even bought a small basket of sweet raspberries at the Jordan market as extra. The Maison Antoinne's queue to buy frites was lengthy and we waited nearly an hour to buy two bags with four different dipping sauces. The pizza's crust was soft and crunchy at the same time and because of all the frites, I couldn't eat too much of the pizza.

The Mannekenn Pis is a famous statue area of a small boy peeing into a fountain. Crowds surrounded the area and that day, he was dressed in Portuguese attire. It's a tradition to have the different embassies dress up the statue in ethnic costume throughout the year. Music, cheering and song are heard two blocks away.

Just adjacent to the statue are chocolate and waffle shops selling goods to the crowds. I chose the chocolate covered strawberry waffle and we all shared it. Wow... It was definitely the best waffle I had ever eaten!

Dinner at Chez Leon...our final meal. And, the best meal! We ordered a dozen oysters, a dozen baked mussels in garlic wine sauce and a bucket of curry mussels. We soon learned that the bucket was all-you-can-eat so Tina, Russ and I shared three buckets together along with two bottles of nice Bordeaux. We dined al fresco under the heat lamps at a T-intersection of a long alleyway where we people-watched for several hours. For dessert, we drank some limoncello (toasted Boni) which put me over the top. Limoncello and garlic don't mix we'll with me, unfortunately.

Still, we powered on to Dilirium, the bar that houses 2000 kinds of beer! How crazy is that! They have an upstairs with 80 beers on tap and the more comfortable downstairs section with the bottled beer and a 2 inch thick beer menu lined atop the keg-barreled tables. Dilirium was a fun bar with keg tops showcased on the ceilings. The bartender introduced us to another great beer, Trappist Roquefort.

By 11:30pm, it was time to head back, but not before we gazed dreamily at the light show at the Grand Place for a few moments. Belgium is not a one-time-visit type of place. We'll need to return to experience more. We're so thankful to have been able to capture fantastic memories with Tim and Tina, our frequent and fabulous travel buddies! cheers!

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