Friday, May 10, 2013

First class to Edinburgh

Traveling by train through the UK can be expensive if you purchase your ticket by each individual ride. After reading Rick Steve's guides, he suggested the Britrail pass which covers England, Wales and Scotland which was perfect! We chose first class because it wasn't much more than second class and it provided comfortable seats with extra legroom for Russ.
We also reserved assistance at each station and had access to the lounge in Crewe, our transit station.
Ann, hailing from Glasgow, was very friendly and had a delightful Scottish accent.
We may not have a chance to visit Crewe again.
Our Virgin Super Voyager train was nice, similar to a Jaanese shinkansen's green car.
We also enjoyed free Wifi, lunch and lots of tea during our journey north.
The time passed quickly and we really enjoyed the train ride.
Green fields, barns and sheep... Everywhere.
Upon arrival, we took a short cab ride to our hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn.
It has a nice couch, desk and small nice and comphy!
We wandered out in the evening to check out the area. The buildings were so impressive!
We had our first pint of ale and half pint of shandy at the recommended Greyfriar's Bobby.
The walk close to our hotel is close to the University of Edinburgh, where we had taken a couple of online MBA courses years ago.
Tomorrow, we'll explore the city and the infamous Edinburgh castle.

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