Thursday, May 9, 2013

First stop Cardiff

Cardiff is the city I chose for our first leg of our post op UK tour. We purchased first class Britrail passes to ride the rails throughout the country. Why Cardiff? Well, it's only two hours from Birmingham, near the coast and someplace we hadn't been before. We were fortunate to be treated to warm, sunny skies.
Our apartment was centrally located, which was the best part. It was nothing special but convenient. Russ rested a lot so I found myself touring the area alone.  Cardiff is compact with 3 universities in the area so there were always lots of students around. The main shopping area had modern buildings like the John Lewis department storeroom the left and the new library to the right. I never did figure out what the needle and circle structure represented.
The most prominent piece of architecture in the city is the castle, centrally located. I didn't take the tour  but rather walked outside the perimeter in the Bute Park grounds.
One afternoon, we took the bus to Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay where we sipped drinks outdoors watching the people go about their day. 
Millennium Stadium is the home of the Welsh rugby club which was built just a few years ago.
Walking through Womanby Street lined with pubs and vintage clothing shops, I glimpsed this huge mural of a woman's face which looked so real.
These fists were just outside our apartment.
The clock tower near the castle.
Bute Park, named after the Bute family who purchased the castle and grounds, had ornate wooden carvings like this playful one.
The tulips were so beautiful!
The Taff River flows adjacent to the park.
These yellow and magenta tulips were my favorite.
For dinner last night, we went for Spanish tapas. There, I tasted their fruity sangria.
We also had their avocado and salmon salad atop sliced beef tomatoes, flaky empanadas and stuffed aubergine (eggplant) rolls.
Russ was feeling much better last night and had regained more of his appetite. yea!

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