Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ghent Canal Cruise & Beyond

The sun was shining, masking the true frigidity of the outside temperature. With the blowing wind, we were all so cold so at a nearby kiosk, I bought a "sherbet" colored beanie that looked ridiculous but felt so warm. It's now my Belgian souvenir which I can wear in Niseko this winter.

We missed the canal ride in Brugge due to the rain so we rode the 50 minute sunset cruise with a French speaking family to earn more about the Ghent. The tour guide was half Belgian, half Algerian and spoke at least three languages. She explained how the rivers converged and where they led as well as the special places of interest. The cruise was enjoyable not only because we were able to see much more than simply walking, but drifting on a small boat in Europe through narrow canals is fantastic! It's not something we do everyday at home.

Afterwards, we visited a beer house for drinks and then walked along the canal to find a place for dinner. The restaurant, located adjacent to the castle had a second entrance through a tunnel with the strange glow-in-the-dark murals. We weren't that hungry and the food was only OK. The venue was impressive but the meal, not so much.

On the walk home, we saw a gorgeously lit square which we didn't know existed. Once again we were impressed with the beauty of the architecture.

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