Thursday, May 9, 2013

Out and About

While Russ was in the hospital for the week, I spent much of my time there with him. I slept and ate breakfast at the Lucas House and then walked ten minutes to the hospital, right before his PT sessions.
My room was the one on the top floor on the end with the shades open. It was a nice place to stay. Nothing fancy; just clean and convenient.
The university has a fairly large campus and I walked around to check it out. I saw one mural of an old woman on the side of a brick building which caught my eye.
On another day, I walked alongside the canal from the train station to Somerset Road, the hospital's street.

My favorite outside lunch was the Tom yam goong at the noodle bar inside the Selfridges's department store. It was flavorful, spicy and tangy!
On one of my daily walks to Harborne, the neighboring village, I saw a cute Fiat 500 parked inside a brick courtyard. It just looked nice and I imagined it to be a fun car to drive in the UK. Those and the mini coopers fit right in.
The university's campenile stands tall among the buildings and trees. As a resident of Lucas House, I also had access to the university's gym which I used for my own spin workout.
One boat called the Solar Kongdisher, was parked in the canal with solar panels attached.
Springtime with so many gorgeous blooms. This was across Lucas House.
I bought the majority of my take away meals at Marks & Spencer. They had nice vegetarian salads, pastas, fruits, etc. all packaged.
The neighborhood where I walked was quite nice with tree lined sidewalks and large single family homes with beautiful magnolia trees in bloom.
On a Friday evening, I took a yoga class which was fantastic with 30 other people in the studio below.
And on Sunday morning, I attended church service at Churchcentral, located on campus. The pastor was young and delivered a timely message on healing. This church was more charismatic than SCC and I enjoyed its distinctive character. At one point, the worship leader or the MC, started rapping to the best of the drums.
I enjoyed my Birmingham stay more this year than last due to the warmer weather and my choice to wander around a bit more to see the sites.

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