Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rest and Recovery Post Surgery

The doctors and nurses warned us emphatically that every surgery is different so our expectations should take into account that prevailing fact.  It's difficult somehow not to compare a surgery that was performed only a year prior, especially as it was the same surgery, same hospital and same surgeons.

Russ slept a lot the night immediately following the hour and a half procedure. Mr. McMinn, the infamous hip resurfacing surgeon schedules all of his patients on one day. So, he performed one knee and four hip surgeries on Tuesday and all were hospitalized on the second floor of the Harborne wing. On the photo below, Russ' room appears on the 3rd floor (the English count the 1st floor as 0 or Ground floor). His room is in the middle, third from left, with the curtains drawn.

Mr. McMinn is the world's leading hip resurfacing surgeon. Not only did he create the hip resurfacing surgery (vs. hip replacement), he also designed the implant devices. He is a meticulous surgeon who is highly revered amongst his peers. We were told by the hospital staff that he alone brings in the majority of the business for them. 
On Wednesday morning, Elaine, the physio terrorist (that's what the nurses call PT's), came and started with the exercises. She explained the PT process for the day.
Within half an hour, Elaine had Russ up and supported on a walker in which he took his careful steps. Mr. McMinn provides a stringent protocol for his staff and PT's to ensure the best possible outcome. notice how Russ is wearing compression stockings on both legs. The green knee-highs are worn on both legs pls he has the nude colored thicker stocking that reaches up to his waist on the operated leg. While hospitalized, the nurses kindly dressed Russ and washed the stockings daily. Now, it's my turn for 5 weeks. 
Everyone was fascinated about where we live as they hadn't heard about Saipan before. Russ showed the PT's images on his iPad.

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