Thursday, May 9, 2013

Surgery Day

April 30th was surgery day, compared to April 3rd last year. There were two other patients who were also getting a second hip resurfacing surgery and one person having his first. Mr. McMinn, the surgeon is world renown, and the title "Mr" is higher than "Dr" in the UK. He brings patients from around the globe to Birmingham for his skillful life-changing surgeries.

Dr. Joseph marked Russ' left thigh with a big arrow to ensure that the correct hip will be operated on.
The surgical nurse came to wheel Russ away.
During surgery, I walked to Harborne, a 10 minute walk west. My favorite house in the neighborhood was the one below.
Harborne village is quaint with High Street as the main area.
I went shopping I'm Harborne to buy my meals nearly every day. 
The nurses were always so mind to serve me tea at least twice daily.
Russ left the room at 9:30am and returned nearly five hours later. He was heavily drugged but replied when I talked to him.
A few hours later, Russ felt much better and started eating a biscuit. He was very tired but doing well.

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