Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back Home & Back into the Swing of Things

We were invited to Maddie's 8th grade graduation at Saipan Community School. They had 9 students in the graduating class and Maddie received a couple awards. We were so proud of our little girl.
The Olopai family were visiting Saipan and we hosted a BBQ for them with our friends. I forgot that they left island in 1997 ~ 16 years ago! Susie & Dave's kids, Jacques and Ketta, are now 11 and 8 and so cute.
We're fortunate to have Dave & Susie return for visits every two years or so. We reminisced about the time we all met in Phuket and spent several years working together at PIC.
Tyce and Dave played their ukeleles together.
And the kids played Wii! That night, we had 32 people over!
Two Sundays ago, the church installed the new board members, including Russ. He'll serve at least a year to help move the church in a new direction.
Pastor Jason was installed as our new pastor. He and his family are wonderful people and we're fortunate to have them as part of our church family.
Later that afternoon, we had a big ME Managaha Day. We caught a snapshot of John kissing Nadine.
I also saw Austin chillin' in the shade drinking his bottle.
The other kids had fun playing in the sand on a gorgeous sunny day.
We spotted the Timmon's 56' sailboat near Managaha. Chris sailed it from Honolulu to Saipan in 35 days!
Russ enjoyed the day with his ME brothers, JJ & Wayne.
We miss JJ & Juanette! It was so great to see them!
We stayed on the island until 8pm and watched the sun set into the horizon. Managaha is a perfect respite for anyone who wants peace and tranquility.

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