Monday, July 15, 2013

Final Fun Days!

With the volleyball over, it was time to see what Kazan has to offer.  Surprisingly, it is a charming city of about 1.4 million people with lots of history.  We toured the downtown area and then attended a cultural holiday that was truly impressive.

 A beautiful canal in downtown Kazan.

 Group photo.  (left to right: John, me, Janet, Clay and Tony)

 Kazan pretty much splashed the University Games logo on everything.

 If you click on the photo and zoom in you can read the menu of an outdoor cafe we spent some time at.

 Two wild and Crazy Guys (okay, three)!

 Russian pose!  Very serious!

 Canadian Pose!  Not so serious!

 A random owl on your shoulder photo

 The boys have really grown close over the last few weeks.

 This is the Athlete Village on our way home.  Kazan did an impressive job on all aspects of these games.  Korea is the next destination in 2015.  That's right next door to us!

 On Saturday, we went to Sabantuy, a multi cultural festival that, again was so impressive.  There must have been 5,000 people dressed up in costume representing 10 different prefectures and cultures.  Each "mini village" had dances, costumes, food and games specific to their region.  It felt like a mini world fair.

 The welcoming band of accordions.

 Let the battle begin!

 Everybody was smiling and enjoying all the work they had put into constructing this 1 day village which was an empty field before all the work.  Everything was built there for this holiday.

 Russ' angels.  I think the lady on the left pinched my butt.

 I bought a new hat to keep the sun off my face.  Sexy man!

Who said Kazan wasn't built in a day?

 The ladies were singing while the dude with the accordion rocked out.

 Lot's of costumes...some better than others.

 Clay and John letting out some good fun energy.

 It was neat to see very traditional costumes and reenactments of life many years ago.  The detail to which they went was again impressive.

 Fresh honey off the cone.  Delicious!

 Another village and proud of it.

 John and Clay with their fans.

 There was a show on this field with over 1,000 performers.  The story of a young man and woman falling in love.  

 This guy was the sauna guy.  The room was hot and the branches he had in his hand, he would hit himself with (it is supposed to help blood circulation).  I think he was in the hot box too long.

 The Kazan Bird Man and Clay.

 A couple local men taking a break in the shade.

 This was the beach volleyball venue (the tents in the foreground.  The blue structure in the back is the diving and swim complex.

The finals of beach volleyball (Poland vs. Germany)  Poland won in the 3rd set.