Friday, July 12, 2013

Sights of Kazan and Last Games

The boys finished up their last games yesterday.  They faced teams that were taller, more experienced and skilled.  They didn't win one game, but they enjoyed the experience of being here and tried their best.  I am proud of all the work they put in to get here and how they represented their country.  

 Taking the brand new subway back to the Athlete Village after a day of sightseeing and watching other sports.
 Kazan is spectacular at night.  This is a city worth visiting.
 Part of the festivities of the Games was they had Cirque duSoleil perform every night.  I had never seen this show, but wow!  It was truly impressive!  Maybe it's time to start planning our next trip to Las Vegas.
 They performed outside some square with this beautiful backdrop.
 Kazan's historical skyline at 11pm.
 My favorite shot of the Kremlin.
 A view of the Track and Field venue.  That was the Kremlin in the background.  We watched the women's final 5,000 meter, men's 400 meter relay and the last heats of the women's heptathlon 800 meters.
 We watched the USA basketball team play and lose to Australia.  
 The boys posing with Uni, the spotted leopard.  The games official mascot.
 EuroSports asked if they could do a story on our boys.  They were interested in their journey to Kazan, where the Marianas Islands are and what their studies are.  It was a lengthy interview and should air in early August. 
 Our final game against Japan.  Clay and John finally got to play against some players that were close to their height.  It was a great game to watch and a good note to finish on!
 In Russia, they have cameras everywhere...even in the portable toilets.
 We played Team USA in the consolation bracket, the US sent two teams and this was Team-2, the less experienced team.  They were still the number two team out of all the US selected to come to Russia so they weren't too bad.
 The Diving Venue was spectacular as well.  You can see at the top a diver in a handstand on the 10 meter platform.  
 The rest of the diving venue
 The Team Marianas Islands delegation of 6!  Strong work team!
I'm a proud coach.  These guys did everything I asked them to and more to prepare themselves for these games.  They are winners in my book.