Thursday, July 4, 2013

University Games in Kazan Russia

For the past 10 months I have been training two young college students to participate in the University Games in Kazan Russia.  We received a scholarship entry that allowed us to take the two players and me all expenses paid for.

 Clay, Russ and John posing for the media.  
 Clay attends Saipan International School (12th grade) and John attends N. Marianas Community College.  They've both worked extremely hard to prepare for these games.
 Us at the Saipan Airport at 1:30am!
 34 hours later, we arrived in Kazan and met our guide Sasha.  So tired!
 The next morning we headed to breakfast at the athletes' cafeteria.  They feed 12,000 athletes and officials three times a day.  The food is absolutely delicious!
 As we walked around the Athlete Village, we bumped into a couple locals.
 I was feeling a little jetlag and took a little nap in the green room, one of four Yurts for athletes to use, the others included a game room, video room and meeting room.
 This is the video room..watching soccer
 Team Marianas!
 The Games Mascot is a spotted leopard that was beating me up.
 Sasha carrying the torch

 John getting himself painted by a local artist
 At the end of the day I had to attend a nightly meeting that discusses the issues of the games.  It feels like I am in an United Nations meeting, as we have to wear headsets in which translators talk to us.
End of day 1.  Tomorrow will be busy getting the boys over jetlag, and preparing them for the first games in a few days.  Wish them luck!

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