Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's October Already!

 Where does the time go?  It's October! And, I didn't post an entry in all of September? Were we just too busy? We were busy but we're always busy. Saipan is a place where we can easily fill our days with activities, special events and sports.  It's non-stop. And, it's fun!

Last weekend, we joined a 60km road bike race. It's the first time we've been on our skinny tire bikes and we both did well as it was a sunny morning with 70 or so participants.
  I also got some new bike gear: bike top and helmet! And, I've been riding a lot more these days so have seen some marked improvement.

A couple weekends ago, we celebrated Tina's 40th birthday at a new Russian Coffee Shop called the Coffee Room. The interior was unique and we had a nice time with our long-time friends.  I went there again last Friday for lunch and coffee with a friend. It's nice to see some new developments on island, like this one.
 Tyce, Russ, Yosh and Chris... they've all been here since the early 90's.
 Linda, Angie, Sheila and me
 It seems like we've been to a lot of events. After the PIC Palooza (below), we stopped by Jay's house to celebrate he and Joyce's wedding anniversary.
 This year's PIC Palooza's theme was "Game Show" and Russ won a "Lunch for Two" and "Weekend Stay for Two" at the "Let's Make a Deal"! 
I'll get back to writing more in the next few weeks.