Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Christmas time!

It's been way too long since I blogged. The last 3 months have been filled with projects: the Hell of the Marianas Century Cycle, Marriage Encounter Weekend and Steps, Love Languages programs and home renovation. But, a new chapter began on 12/20/13 with our annual holiday to NISEKO! The contractors finished painting the interior of our home just Wednesday and I erected the Christmas tree on Thursday night. Our dining room now has blue walls and ceiling.
 Our entryway is also painted a light blue only on one wall where the flame tree painting rests. This week, I got a tropical arrangement to match.
 The upstairs powder room now has bright, sunny yellow walls. It's not quite as evident in this photo.
 Here's the dining room in the daytime with the blue ceiling and blue back wall. I like the look!
The big arch wall is a "Tiffany" blue color that extends into our kitchen. It's a dramatic change, but a nice one as it adds much to our "old" kitchen.
One wall in our foyer is the same blue and I had the painters move the big Bali painting on that side.
Here's the kitchen which emphasizes the dark brown Cherry wood cabinets. We also got a new stainless steel refrigerator and moved the old one to the other house.
On Wednesday last week, I took Butty to his annual vet appointment. He didn't like it a bit and wanted to go home right away.
He got blood drawn and still tested positive for erlichia but is doing nicely.
We attended several Christmas parties before we left. This one was at the Hyatt for the Marianas Eye Institute party on Tuesday evening.
Russ and Dr. Khorram in their "matching" Christmas shirts!
This one was taken on Monday night at the Marriage Encounter Christmas Party at PIC.
On Sunday evening at the Marianas Medical Center party at PIC, Russ was the MC and dressed up as Buddy the Elf.
This was from the Marianas Medical Christmas Party.
So many parties... so little time!