Friday, May 16, 2014


Blogging has its seasons and for the last year ~ since our last trip to Europe, the frequency of my blogs have waned considerably. It's not that I don't have topics on my mind or ideas to communicate, but it's overlooked as my days are filled with other things.

Last week, we had a nice date night at Restaurant 360 before we went to see the Mt. Carmel School Play, "The Little Mermaid". Up on the 8th floor, the restaurant revolves around the center axis, moving one rotation per hour. We had a nice glimpse of sunset over the Philippine Sea as we ate our burger and steak dinner.

The days turn into weeks and then to months. It's already mid May and the year is flashing by.  After our Christmas /New Year's holiday in Niseko, it's go-go-go with events and activities galore.

Russ returned to his youth volleyball coaching and clinics and I went on the quest to do the three triathlons in March-April.  Marriage Encounter is a huge part of our lives as we invest in couples who want to strengthen their marriages as we lead two separate home groups: Love Languages & Steps.
ME provides us equally with a sense of fulfillment in community. We feel loved and supported in this ministry and thoroughly enjoy the hours we invest into the lives of our couples & their families.

Spin classes have changed for me as I've started formally instructing in the last two months.  From student to teacher, I've learned to make classes that are challenging, fun and innovative, by watching the other instructors and learning from them.  Teaching is a wonderful way to learn as well. Each class is a lesson in itself on how to communicate to the members, music selection and introducing new moves.

DIY. I'll do another posting on DIY but I enjoy reusing things - from coffee grounds, citris peels, vegetable ends. In the last few months I've made:

  • vegetable broth. Take all the veggie ends that you normally discard into a plastic container and then boil in a quart of water to make your own sodium-free broth.
  • coffee grounds. Several uses - for the ashtray, outside plants & herbs, deep conditioning treatment mixed with coconut oil & conditioner.
  • citris peels. Save them & collect them in a jar and add regular white vinegar to make a citris cleaner or hair rinse. Let the peels soak in the jar for at least 2 weeks. No need to buy countertop cleaners again.
There's a lot more... but again, I'll introduce in other posts.

Have a great weekend!